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Lungime totală: 100 mm

Lungime utilă: 60 mm

Ax: hex 1/4" (6.35 mm)

Vârf central filetat pentru avans automat, fără a necesita forță de împingere.
1 tăiș în formă de daltă, pentru formarea și eliminarea șpanului
1 tăiș vertical (spur), pentru obtinerea unor găuri cu laterale curate
Clean holes with flat bottoms you will achieve with these Japanese made auger bits, which can be used with jaw brace or power drill. They are of supreme quality made by Star-M in Japan and the favourite among Japanese woodworkers.

The rounded single spur of these bits cut a clean edge of the hole and the chisel-like cutting edge turns around the threaded center and removes chip by chip within the previously cut circle. The thread of the center is a bit finer than the thread of auger bits used in a hand brace only. View comparison! This is to make these bits suitable for hand and machine work. A bit with a large threaded center is unsuitable for power drills.

These Auger Bits are made for softwood and European hardwood. Not suited for extreme hard tropical wood! Use a jaw brace or a power drill with low speed. Lift the running power drill from time to time to help escape of chips and cool the bit. Do not force them - use only low pressure! Do not use a drill press!

How fast can I run my power drill with these bits? Speed depends on the material of the workpiece and the diameter of the bit. If you are not sure, prefer the lower speed. In hardwood the speed should be generally slower than in softwood. Bits less than 10 mm you can run more than 1000 rpm, up to 20 mm reduce to 800 rpm and bits more than 20 mm should not be runned more than 400 rpm. Manufacturers often recommend in their catalogs a higher speed to give their products a more dynamic appearance. Find the best speed by yourself! You can increase the speed of the bits once you have more experience and feel about the material.

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