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Our braces have, at the base of the chuck, a square hole to hold immobile the square end of the shaft of various kinds of bits. The size of the hole is designed to accept the most common sizes of square-ended bits. There are however a variety of square-ended bits that are too small to be securely held in the normal, 8 x 8 mm hole. So if used in this brace, they will be held only by the four jaws and can turn or come loose under pressure. With this simple, inexpensive adapter, this problem can be solved. It is a section of square brass tube (in the photo down and to the right). Placed in the square hole at the base of the chuck, it reduces the 8 x 8 mm hole to 6 x 6 mm to hold smaller bits firmly in place. More...
Outside diameter 8 x 8 mm
Inside diameter 6 x 6 mm
Material thickness 1 mm
Length 18 mm

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