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Micro-mesh 152 x 100 mm, o singură bucată

Granulație: 4000 JIS

Micro-mesh cushioned abrasives are constructed with a thin layer of soft resilient material between the cloth back and the abrasive crystals. This provides the unique "cushioned" action for the abrasives. This unique design allows the abrasive crystals to recede into the resilient layer and float to an even cutting plane. This eliminates deep random scratches and results in uniform scratch patterns and significantly longer product life than conventional abrasives. In dry applications, it outlasts conventional abrasives 5 - 7 times, when used wet, the life advantages increase 7 - 15 times that of conventional abrasives.

Micro-mesh can be used with most standard cutting oils, honing oils or coolants, either water or oil based. Micro-mesh can not be used with solvents like acetone or certain chlorinated solvents. Micro-Mesh can be used by hand. Use light pressure only, high pressure will not increase speed of your work.

Micro-mesh is not an aggressive stock remover. Common sandpaper is required for the removal of deep scratches before using Micro-mesh. Micro-mesh grit 1500 is similar to FEPA P800 or ANSI 400. The 12000 will leave a scratch pattern that cannot be detected by the human eye. See grit conversion chart.

Micro-mesh can be used for plastic, wood, many metals, finishes. Micro-mesh is used in many fields: furniture restoration, archeology, wood finishes, lense repair, acrylic repair, boats, watch glasses, wooden instruments, hand tool repair.

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