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Adaptor pentru sistemul de ascutire Veritas

Because of the difficulty holding short blades such as those found in most spokeshaves, instrument maker's planes, etc., sharpening them has been difficult. The Veritas small-blade holder solves this effectively and safely by securing the blade using two powerful rare-earth magnets embedded into anodized aluminum and an adjustable stop block. In effect, it transforms your short blade into something larger (38 x 102 mm) that can be effectively held for sharpening, either by hand or by mounting in a honing guide such as the Veritas Standard Honing Guide or any other honing guide that takes blades up to 9.5 mm thick.
For blade lengths from 13 to 50 mm
Thickness of holder: 9.5 mm
The included spacer and long machine screw allow it to be used with the old Veritas Sharpening System.
This mount enables easier sharpening of short blades such as spokeshaves, reversing blades or small violin planes.
Two magnets and a moveable fence hold the blades securely, the die-cast aluminium handle extends the blade and enables controlled sharpening, either by hand or with the Veritas sharpening system I (FT707168). 102 x 38 x 10 mm.


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