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Designed for use in a hand brace, this reamer offers excellent control and good cutting capability for general woodworking. It is particularly useful for tapering through holes where you want to be able to wedge tenons, such as in chair construction. This reamer has a cast steel alloy body, a separate spring-steel blade, and a pair of blade-adjusting set screws. 

When reaming out an existing hole (7/16 in. to 1-3/16 in. in diameter) (11 mm to 30 mm), the depth can be adjusted for working soft or hard woods and the angle can be adjusted for tenon/socket fit. The body has an included angle of 12.8° to match the tenons from the Veritas Tapered Tenon Cutters when making chair-leg socket joints. The traditional rustic look fit of joints made with the Veritas Standard Tenon Cutter appears even more natural, when the corresponding holes are tapered with this reamer. 

Comes with a tapered square shank for use in a two-jaw or four-jaw hand brace. Blade is easy to sharpen. Made by Veritas. 

Notice: the square shaft of this reamer is quite small and does not engage in the square ground holes of all hand braces (i. e. in the hand braces we offer). We recommend to order this cheap adapter additionally, which will solve the problem. You may have to file the shaft a little bit, but in most cases this is not necessary. 

Min. width drill hole 7/16 in. (11 mm)
Max. width drill hole 1-3/16 in. (30 mm)
Total length 5-3/4 in. (145 mm)
Cutting length 3-3/8 in. (86 mm)

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