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Lungime lamă: 71 mm
Lațime lamă: 25 mm
Grosime lamă: 3.2 mm
Lungime totală: 198 mm
Oțel: 80 CrV2 (HRC 59)
Gărzi compatibile:  R 35, R 30
The Polar knife blades are a result of the collaboration between Brisa and Lauri.
Decades of combined experience, know-how and a keen interest in knifemaking, guarantees that these puukko style blades will live up to any standard. Improving the well-known Lauri blades by adding a small ricasso, and giving the edge a finer grind greatly improves the overall experience. And, our own Polar brand as a final touch.
The ricasso will aid makers, new and old, to get a good finish between the bolster and the blade. This aspect is seen as one of the more difficult parts of knifemaking. A smoother edge will increase sharpness, and also add to the durability as there will be less risk of chipping.
Most models are available in both 80CrV2 carbonsteel and X50CrMoV15 stainless. The carbonsteel will shine with its toughness, while the stainless will have lower maintenance.
The design is understated Finnish, which adheres much to a form following function principle. The blades are simple and robust in their elegance, just like the Puukko style knives that they are meant for.


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