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Special product with a two-component epoxy base, characterized by an exceptional transparency, suitable for filling cavities and imperfections in materials of various kinds and for embedding for decorative purposes. Borma Glass 2K is suitable for gluing various materials, among themselves or with oneself such as: wood, glass, marble, painted objects, etc (unknown surfaces must be checked beforehand). Borma Glass 2K can be colored and / or used as a binder with inert materials.




Mix the resin with the chosen hardener until complete homogenization, avoiding to incorporate air.



Used as a filler on cavities and imperfections, the product is self-leveling until it reaches the setting time of first setting. To avoid slight shrinkage, the cavity can be pretreated with a sealing basecoat. Once hardened Borma Glass 2K offers very high resistance to both aggressive chemicals and abrasion. In case you need to apply Borma Glass 2K in two subsequent layers, or if you intend to overcoat it, it is necessary to sand with abrasive paper (grit from 120 to 220, and subsequent removal of the dust) to ensure a mechanical coupling. Color up to 2% with concentrated colors from the Holzfarbe range (3000).



Finishing: to obtain a matt surface, it is advisable to sand with increasing grit up to P240/320; to obtain a high gloss surface the final grit must reach P600/800.
It is possible to overlacquer with Naturaqua Parkettlack (NAT4100) or Naturaqua Mobilack (NAT4122) in the desired sheen level.



Attention: if you want to make an accurate filling on a top, it is recommended to check it’s perfectly horizontal by means of a spirit level, in order to prevent the self-leveling mixture from being incorrect and creating unwanted excesses and shortcomings.


Borma Glass Wood Table from Borma Wachs on Vimeo.

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