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Higonokami is the most famous folding knife in Japan. Now Higonokami is famous for outdoor/utility/EDC knife all over the world. Because Higonokami is lightweight, simple design, durableness, various colors and blade lengths, Japanese high quality steel for knife and best price.
We deal with Higonokami maker "Nagao Kanekoma" directly. So our Higonokami is 100% real.
Higonokami is a folding knife that represents Japan.
A clasp knife Higonokami short knife on behalf of Japan. As for this knife reminding of a Japanese sword with a pattern of the brass, in the country, the fan who is deep-rooted abroad from the start is famous by being. Higonokami short knife in itself is famous, but is not known about the history, builder very well in this way. The Nagao Kanekoma Factory which produced Higonokami short knives in Miki-shi, Hyogo from 1894 is the only Higonokami short knife manufacturer now. The history made with a knife of the Nagaos dated back to last years of Edo era, and it was a beginning of history of the knife production of the Nagaos ancestors Nagao piece Taro of the Nagaos served as "in Miki-shi, and to have made a workshop called top". Mitsuo Nagao who is the fifth generation plays a key role and produces Higonokami short knives now. I extract "the hardware history which is historic documents of the hardware industry of Hyogo made specially in Harima" as follows and I edit it and tell a modern sentence about a Higonokami short knife partly.
Hirata Knife - birth of Higonokami
In 1893, a knife came to be made for the first time in Japan in Hirata, Kurume-cho, Mino-gun (existing Hiratacho), and predecessors in the family line of Sadaji Murakami and Nagao piece Taro were the first people who started the production. With the thing which all processes were handmade as for the knife production, and I squeezed in through the metal, and the blade part trained enough steel and produced, the sheath used the iron plating which brass and black were dyed, and was done and put various sculptures (person, horse, flower, bird, scenery) for a sheath in those days. The number that could prepare one craftsman per day seemed to be not more than around 5-8 of them, and 14-15 were registered with Hiratacho as knife manufacturing industry in craftsman a lot of about 1900 who switched jobs for knife production because the sales of the knife in the country were brisk. When knives came to be produced in large quantities in the country because the demand for knife increased, the products of bad quality increased as a knife appeared in the market in large quantities, and the reputation of "Hirata knife" of Hiratacho where I gave fame to was apt to fall down.
History of Higonokami
Two knives (a sword child:) which Taro Shigematsu who ran ironmonger in 1904 took home with Taro Shigematsu who ran ironmonger in 1904 just at that time from Kyushu (Kagoshima, Kumamoto) ??? is small: I felt dark and handed) to Sadaji Murakami, Shigeharu Nagao and demanded improvement, an idea of the production. When Murakami, Nagao add "a tail" to the knife which Shigematsu took home with Shigematsu later and devised a blade and a pattern to be foldable, I am said to be it. Because this knife was the sales that were very brisk in Kyushu, I decided to come from the Higo district, and to change the name into a "Higonokami short knife" knife, and to sell it. About the original form of the Higonokami short knife which was in Kyushu, I began to talk and seemed to be the simple thing which a story, a handle and the blade that a blade body was fixed in a pattern like a knife were at one, and wound a thing such as the cloth around a handle. It is an established theory that the blade was a double-edged blade (blade of the V character section). The form of the blade body changed little by little (at this point different from the beginning to cut of the single edge.), and it was in square shape from the thing which was the sharp sharp bamboo grass blade of the tip at the beginning. In addition, a pattern had bending long and wide bending. Most of the bending long is not made now. During the holding of "Kobe first trade production expo" held in Kobe-shi, Hyogo in 1911, the fame of the Higonokami short knife knife became more firm in what the later Emperor Taisho liked a displayed Higonokami short knife very much and bought.
"A Higonokami short knife knife association" was established in 1899 and grew up into industry more than 200 people who engaged in 40 registration manufacturers, Higonokami short knife knife production in the golden age. The knife using the name of "the Higonokami short knife" came to be made at the knife production center except Miki-shi, but a lot of goods of poor quality register a trademark of the name of "the Higonokami short knife" among them in about 1907 because various troubles occurred, and it is with the name that only the member of an association of the Miki saber manufacturer association can use, and "the Higonokami short knife" reaches it after this at the present. Therefore the knife of the Higonokami short knife type that non-Miki saber production association prepared "Higo knife" "names such as Higo ??" are touched". (and it became only one case of the Nagao piece mill now that I could use "a Higonokami short knife".)
It is this interrupt forging handicraft which a piece of iron which was burnt red quenches the high quality steel of the Yasugi district (Shimane) by a process called "the fire polishing" to transfer a spark as for the manufacturing method to make a Higonokami short knife, and forges a blade now. The knife becomes strong so as to beat if I beat. It is not exaggeration at all even if it is said that I am equal to that of Japanese sword. It is the most difficult in making a Higonokami short knife knife, and after all it will be quenching, a blade process on that is important again. This is important for any knife. The quenching has a big part to depend on experience for, but a person acquiring the experience enough decreases. It comes to be possible to make decided form immediately, but does not readily go well about the quenching. It is similar, and the blade charge account very takes effort, too. I polished a big whetstone in spite of being a mawashi and put out eyes little by little and finished it to a beautiful blade in old days. It is work to need the perseverance. I sharpen a spreading grinder at a stretch and may drop it, but, as for the product itself, it is to a thing different at all now. I keep that I work hard about the Higonokami short knife as much as possible and finish it to the superior sharpness, a good product in mind.


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