Freza Klein pentru canal V - HC109.127.R

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Klein Sistemi

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Varianta economica, mai scurta, a frezei C109.127.R
  • S: 8 mm
  • D: 12.7 mm
  • B: 8 mm
  • L: 40 mm
  • Z: 2
  • a: 90°
The high quality Klein® router bits satisfy the most accurate applications required by the marketplace today. In order to achieve the highest level of quality, our production department has continually invested in and equipped with the advanced technologies. Moreover we always pay detail attention to the choice of raw material, producing router bits for top market performance, precision and cutting life.
These V-grooving router bits allow you to make deep and shallow V-groove, ideal for sign-making or for decorative features on panels, furniture and banners, with no risk of burning. They are suitable also for making 45°- 60° and 90° chamfer. Pass multiple times when removing large quantities of material.
Items C109.380.R (1) and C110.190.R (2) are made for working plasterboard panels. The first one (45°) can be used to build square share, whereas the second bit (22,5°) can be used to build a B-side box (to an octagonal).
Suitable for engraving and sign writing
Items A110.127.R and C110.127.R have 3-flute with 60° deg and are known as "laser point router bits" for perfect and superior incisions

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