LUXOR ALB - pasta abraziva 0.3 micron


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Pastă abrazivă folosită pentru lustruirea oțelurilor și a altor materiale neporoase (argint, alamă, bronz, cupru, poliester, acril, corn etc).

Granulația o recomandă pentru polisharea fină a suprafețelor.

Granulație: 0.3 microni, corespondent cu grit 10000 JIS

Dimensiuni: 80 mm lungime, 30 mm diametru

Greutate: 100 g

Made in France

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Description (EN)
Manufactured to strict specifications from high-quality ingredients and silica-free, this Luxor® polishing compound from Merard puts more than twice the abrasive to work on finishing your jewelry designs. The high concentration of aluminum oxide significantly reduces your work time and helps you efficiently and effectively refine all metal surfaces and prepare them for final polishing. Ideal for use on precious metals, stainless steel, titanium, and brass and copper alloys, this white, silica-free 0.3-micron compound is highly effective for creating a smooth finish with shine on surfaces using a small amount of paste. Though the particle size is smaller compared to the yellow compound, the shape of the particles makes this compound ideal to follow the prep stages and precede the final stages of your finishing process. The formula is not greasy and the compound is easily cleaned from your workpiece after final polishing. The compound is in a tidy, easy-to-use size and is wrapped in plastic for cleaner handling and to prevent crumbling. Use this compound with a slightly rigid, soft cotton buff.
Luxor® by Merard polishing compounds are designed for jewelers and watchmakers. They are manufactured from the highest-quality aluminum oxide abrasive and animal fats—a combination that delivers consistent results and dependable performance. With 70% aluminum oxide abrasive and strict product specifications, the compounds are highly effective using small amounts. Luxor polishing compounds are color-coded for easy identification.
Brand : Merard
Dimensions : 80 x 30mm
Material : Aluminum oxide
Micron : 0.3
Phase: Fine polishing
Size : 100 grams
Country of origin : France

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