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Shellac French Polish decerat, Rosu Rubiniu

1 litru

This ready to use natural Shellac French Polish, formulated following the oldest Tradition, makes it possible to finish all interior wooden surfaces to a high level of brightness whilst maintaining a pleasing softness. 

For special effects, this polish can be coloured with the Borma multipurpose dyes.

Colour series assortment:

AR orange, RU ruby, NE black, TR transparent.



  • The wood must not be varnished; it must be free of dust, grease and wax.After sanding, the product must be applied at a room temperature no lower than 10°C.

  • Apply a number of fine coats by brush or pad (avoid burns), helping the application by pouring a few drops of special polishing oil on the pad.

  • Between coats, wait at least 1-2 hours; ensure that the previous application is dry.

  • After at least three applications, with the surface dry, with a cloth dampened with special degreaser forshellac finishes, pass a fine layer until all oil deposits are removed, to exalt the full beauty of the finish. Completely dry after 24 hours at 20°C. To conserve the finish and give the antique effect, applyBeeswax in paste form.


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