Sun Tiger 240 (205 x 75 x 50 mm)


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Dimensiune: 205x75x50 mm. 

Made in Japan.

240 grit grade whetstone for

grinding down notches
removing substantial amounts of metal
restoring damaged edges of tools
changing bevels on blades
This stone is liked for its extremely high removal rate and loathed for the propensity of the sharpening surface to become dished. You’ll need to dress the stone more frequently, but it’s a quick job on this stone.

The 240 grit whetstone from Sun Tiger is also quite soft and will also become dished fairly quickly. But it makes up for this by cutting very quickly and by proving useful for removing chips and nicks in the blades of chisels and knives.

You can remove a chip in a knife within a few minutes, but with chisels or plane blades it is best to check often whether you haven’t dished the relatively soft stone.

When you sharpen a knife, you will help the stone to stay flat for longer if you move the blade evenly over the whole stone. But if you need to sharpen a whole bunch of chisels, the stone may start out flat, cutting a nice even bevel on the first chisel, but be so dished by the last chisel that you would have to flatten the stone once more and start all over again. The softer the stone, the more it needs to be watched, and the more frequently it needs to be flattened.

This is not everyone's cup of tea, but if you accept the need for this, you will enjoy the services of a wonderfully quick-working stone. The Sun Tiger 240 also needs much less pressure than, say, the Shapton 120. The softer stone simply grips and starts cutting from the first stroke.


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