EnZo Necker

The EnZo Neckers comes both Scandi and full Flat ground. Small, handy blades, where you have a lot of options to be creative in traditional materials as wood, antler and leather. Or modern materials like G10, Micarta, Acrylic or Paracord. The holes give many opportunities for combinations with Corby rivets, Loveless rivets, Lanyard tube, Paracord plaitings with skulls or beads.

Tutorial: http://imgur.com/6tcg7Kn


Livrăm rapid în toată ţara prin: Fan Courier (17 lei primul kg, +1.1 lei pentru fiecare kg in plus) | GLS (17 lei primul kg, + 1 leu pentru fiecare kg în plus) | Ridicare personală din magazinul nostru (Timișoara, str. Divizia 9 Cavalerie 49)


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