Otel NITROBE 77 - 3,2 x 38 x 1000 mm

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3,2 x 38 x 1000 mm

Damasteel’s martensitic stainless Nitrobe 77 is a powder based steel which solves two classical knife problems: 

1. Sharp edges on chef knives. Nitrobe 77 is dishwasher safe without risk of corrosion or edge damages 

2. Sharp edges on hunters knives. Can be forgotten in the sheath without the hunter being hit by self-reproach

The alloy represents an outstanding combination of corrosion resistance and edge strength. This combination of properties is a reason for its revolutionary suitability as knife material. Some other benefits with the Damasteel Nitrobe 77 are: 

* Nitrogen replaces Carbon as martensite initiator in the hardening process. This has given the steel radically improved corrosion properties. The final product is a unique combination of edge strength and corrosion resistance. 

* It is made from Rapid Solidification Powder (RSP) to reduce the sizes and quantities of unfavorable solidification structures 

* Alloyed with Chromium for corrosion resistance 

* Niobium gives fine grain structures regardless of hardening temperature

C: 0.10%

N: -0.90%


Mo: 3.0%

V: 0.1%

Nb: 0.5% 


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